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CNC 2018 Team lists are now LIVE!



Pre-Season Training Thursday 8th March 2018

Don’t forget Pre-Season at Mullaloo Beach

5.30pm – 7pm

See you there!

Congratulations to all CNC  12s – 15s athletes, who trialed for the 2018 Smarter Than Smoking Association teams.  To those who were unsuccessful this year please do not let this deter you from trialing again next year.  Please ensure you continue to develop your skills through your club and remember that all players progress at a different pace.

CNC 2018 STSAC Squad  U12’s, U13’s, U14’s & U15’s:


Cano            Susannah

Dale             Caitlin

Edwards      Teagan

Hadland       Kayla

Ray                Isabella

Sherrin         Ella

Skinner         Summer

Topping        Lily

Wroblewski   Isabella

Yates               Carys


Bonsack        Olivia

Brain             Grace

Hamer          Olivia

Horton         Alyssa

Lopez            Caitlyn

McDonald     Macy

Nelson          Kelis

Walker          Lillian



Bingham       Kiara

Fredman       Iesha

Hunter           Olivia

Johnson         Annabel

Pascoe            Rhiannon

Pascoe            Alexandra

Ray                  Tayla

Weinthal        Charlize



Amy                   Natasha

Ash                     Madeleine

Barlett                Gaby

Bothma              Nicole

Brandsch           Kerstin

O’Donnell          Hannah

Simms-McBriar  Teagan

Smith                    Tia

Warner                  Kara

2018 Pre-season:

3 pre-season sessions will run for U11’s – Opens over the following dates:

Thursday 22nd February:  5.30pm – 7pm:  Mullaloo Beach

Thursday 1st March:  5.30pm – 7pm:  Mirror Park, Ocean Reef.  NOTE: 2 sessions will be run a) 5.30pm-6.15pm b) 6.15pm – 7pm.  Athletes will be advised what session they are to attend closer to the date.

Thursday 8th March: 5.30pm – 7pm: Mullaloo Beach – Followed by a sausage sizzle for all athletes.


13th September 2017

CNC Congratulate the following CNC athletes on being selected in:

U13’s Junior Warriors Squad:
Rhiannon Pascoe
Tayla Ray
Training Partner – Charlie Weinthal

Cadets – U14’s Squads:

Nicole Bothma
Madeleine Ash
Klara Roos
Training Partner – Hannah O’Donnell

7th September 2017


Wednesday 25th October 2017

You are invited to attend Currambine Netball Club (INC)

Annual General Meeting

Members are asked to join us to celebrate Currambine Netball Club (INC) achievements for the year 2017.

When: Wednesday 25th October 2017 – 7pm

Where: ACSRA Clubrooms, HBF Arena Joondalup

At the AGM, all committee positions are declared vacant.

If you would like to nominate for a position, please sign, scan and send your completed nomination form to the Club Secretary by 13 October 2017 at  currambinencsecretary@gmail.com

Are you interested in becoming involved in the Club and would like to get some more information, please contact one of these current committee members

President            Sharon Knott          0408695113

Secretary            Mel Dennis              0434926084

We welcome everyone along and encourage you to think about joining the committee in what promises to be an exciting 2018 season.

Committee Position Descriptions can be found on our website:


Nomination form can be found CNC Committee Nomination form 2018

Agenda CNC AGM 2017

CNC Constitution

Feel free to approach current committee to ask questions about any committee roles or contact currrambinencsecretary@gmail.com

27th June 2017


CNC would like to acknowledge all athletes who trialled for Junior Warriors, DADRA and CADET Squads.
If you were unsuccessful, keep working hard and please try again next year.

CNC’s successful athletes are:

Under 12s Junior Warrior Squad
Makayla Lawrie ( CNC Aces)

Under 13s Junior Warrior Squad
Rhiannon Pascoe (U17’s Div 3 CNC Heat)
Tayla Ray (U17’s Div 2 CNC Power)
Charlize Weinthal (U17’s Div 3 CNC Heat)

2017 14U Cadet Squad
Madeleine Ash (U17’s Div 2 CNC Power)
Nicole Bothma (U17’s Div 2 CNC Pulse)
Hannah O’Donnell (U17’s Div 2 CNC Power)
Klara Roos (U17’s Div 2 CNC Pulse)

Congratulations ladies.

CNC are very proud of you and everyone who trialled.


U12’s – Opens team lists are announced:

2018 Team Lists

CNC has the following team availabilities:

U11’s: 3 players

Please contact club registrar Sandie 0411 867 312


CNC will be having a second hand uniform stall on Registration Day.

If anyone has anything that they would like to try and sell, it will need to be dropped off by Friday 10th February.

Please contact Mel Dennis on 0434 926 084 for drop off details or for any further information.

Please clearly label each item with your name / how much you are selling it for / your phone number and email.

If you are in need of uniforms, both new and second hand uniforms will be available for ordering / purchasing at Registration Day. (Nb. Cash payments will be required for the purchasing of second hand uniforms)

Please pass this information on to anyone (including past members) who you think may be interested.

2017 Uniform order form is available on our website.

Registration Day:

11th February 2017
9.30am – Noon
Currambine Primary School
28 Ambassador Dr, Currambine

Grading for all U12’s – Opens is Thursday 16th February 2017 & Monday 20th February 2017.  Attendance to both grading nights is compulsory.

Pre-Season for U11’s – Opens starts Thursday 23rd February 2017 – venue TBC

18th January 2017

Dear CNC Members,

CNC attended a Top Club session in May 2016 with Netball WA.  It was identified during this session that CNC was to update it’s constitution to be in line with the new Associations Act as of 1st July 2016. 

We also revised our CNC By-Laws and identified that these required updating.   

CNC Committee Members have been working diligently on this since attending this session and accordingly, CNC will hold a Special Resolution Meeting to vote in the new By-Laws & amend the current constitution on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 7pm at Lotteries House, Joondalup. 

Please note, the proposed CNC ByLaws and constitution modelled on the Associations Act as of July 1 2016 is available on CNC’s website for all Members to view.   

Kind regards, 

Melissa Dennis

Secretary – Currambine Netball Club 

16th November 2016


3rd November 2016


To All CNC Members,

Please be advised that the Special Resolution meeting was held last night and the proposed Constitution was voted on and will be lodged with the Commisioner within 28 days.

Thank you to all of those who attended.

Kind regards,

Mel Dennis



28th October 2016

Dear CNC Members,


CNC attended a Top Club session in May 2016 with Netball WA.  It was identified during this session that CNC was to update it’s constitution to be in line with the new Associations Act as of 1st July 2016.  


CNC Committee Members have been working diligently on this since attending this session and accordingly, CNC will hold it’s Special Resolution Meeting to vote in the new constitution on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 at 7pm at Lotteries House, Joondalup. 


Please note, the proposed constitution modelled on the Associations Act as of July 1 2016 is available on CNC’s website for all Members to view.  


Kind regards,

Melissa Dennis

Secretary – Currambine Netball Club 


21st September 2016

CNC Congratulates the following athletes on receiving the following major awards for Season 2016:

Club Champion:  Olivia Holt

Junior Encouragement Award:  Lillian Walker

Spirit of Netball:  Kelis Nelson

20th September 2016

WOW……What a way too finish off the season last night for CNC! We had 4 teams heading into Grand Finals, it was the case of running from court to court to spend a quarter with each team, to join in with the Parents to inspire and cheer on all our teams. All Girls seemed nervous, pressure was intense, but they all gave 110% effort, never giving up, and the teamwork was phenomenal to watch! Well Done to Blaze and Coach Michelle, what an amazing season you Girls have had this year. Last nights game was a tough one, be proud of yourselves Girls, you showed courage and determination right to the very end. Congratulations to Power, Pulse and Force and Coaches Tracey, Sasha and Rusty on becoming Grand Final Premiers last night. What an awesome season you all have had this year, you are true Champions!


CNC AGM 12th October 2016  7pm at ACSRA Clubrooms, Arena Joondalup 

CNC (Inc) is now seeking interested people to fill the positions on the committee. 

We would like to encourage a diverse range of people to apply so that we can ensure a range of skills and experience on the committee running our club. 

cnc-committee-nominatio-form-2016, please complete and return to Club Secretary – currambinencsecretary@gmail.com before Friday 7th October 2016

We thank you for considering this opportunity to volunteer for our club!

STSAC 2017

2017 Smarter Than Smoking Association Championships (STSAC) – Trial Information for those turning 12yrs of age to 15yrs of age in 2017

Note: must be turning a minimum of 12yrs of age next year (DOB in 2005) to be eligible to trial this year for next years championships. Forms can be downloaded here.2017 STSAC trial information for 12Us – 15Us  STSAC Athlete 12U – 15U Trial Application Form 2017

 Trials will be held, for those turning 12yrs to 15yrs of age in 2017, over 2 weeks in November 2016 (refer to information attached). All applicants must attend both trials for their age groups to be eligible.

 Please ensure you understand all requirements before applying.

Trials for those turning 16yrs & over in 2017 (including Opens) will be held in February next year. Information and forms will be available at a later date.

The completed application forms must be returned to this office by no later than Monday 31st October 2016. No late applications will be accepted after this date.

19th July 2016:

On Saturday 23rd July Joondalup Netball Association will be holding the Official Opening Ceremony for the new Match Office & the 3 new courts.

U11’s will be will be involved in the opening ceremony parade. Could you please have your teams at the courts by 10.45am on this day, to prepare for the parade. Could all teams be in full club uniform at this time.

Please note game times for U11’s & U12’s & U13’s will be:
11Us – 11.30am to a 12.00pm start for all games. (To arrive at courts at normal time; refer to information below)
12Us – 1.00pm to a 1.30pm start for all games.
13Us – 2.30pm to a 3.00pm start for all games.
Note: The 8U’s – 10U’s game start times will be as normal.

Function Agenda:

10.45am – 11U teams take positions on the courts ready for parade (refer to instruction to clubs).
10.50am – Meet and Greet Invited guests
11.15am – Official Welcome and opening. Acknowledgment of Country
11.20am – Speeches – Jo Bayliss (JNA President) and Jan Norberger MLA
11.25am – Club Parade, lead by two JNA athletes. Teams to follow.
11.30am – Minister for Sport and Recreation (or proxy) shoots goal.
11.40am – Thank you for attending. Invited guests proceed to grass/ gazebo for Morning Tea.
Function concludes. (Guest stay as they wish. Anticipate windup by 12.00pm)
11.45am – Teams prepare to resume regular competition.

Club Parade: 11U’s x 16 Teams

11U’s – Change of start time from 11.30am to a 12.00pm for all 11U games.
(11U teams to arrive at courts at 10.45am; refer to information below)
12U’s – 1.00pm to a 1.30pm start for all games.
13U’s – 2.30pm to a 3.00pm start for all games.

28th May 2016:

Congratulations to Ella Tudor-Roberts and Christa (Hendrina) Smith on being selected into U16’s Cadets Squad.

21st June 2016:

A massive congratulations to the following athletes for being selected into Junior Warriors 2016.
Under 12’s Junior Warriors Squad
Savannah Bowerman
Rhiannon Pascoe
Alexandra Pascoe

Under 13’s Junior Warriors Squad
Madeleine Ash
Katana Montgomery
Hannah O’Donnell

Well done ladies!

We would also like to congratulate all CNC athletes who trialed for Junior Warriors & DADRA.
You should all be proud, keep working hard to develop skills, believe in yourselves and trial again.


19th My 2016:
Media Release from Netball WA

19 May, 2016

Netball WA and West Coast Fever are extremely excited by the announcement of a new National Netball League, commencing next year.

This new competition will be the premiere women’s sporting league in the world, reflecting the exponential growth and development our game has enjoyed in recent years.

Today’s announcement is an historic one for netball, representing unprecedented support from broadcasters, as well as a significant increase in access for our loyal fans, with four games to be televised on free to air television each week.

We look forward to the opportunities the National Netball League will present, on and off the court, and are excited to work with our existing partners, and potential new ones, to maximise this level of interest.

We are proud of our players, who continue to set the benchmark for elite standards in women’s sport and, as of today’s announcement, have taken another positive step towards the professional recognition they so richly deserve.


12th May 2016:

PHOTOGRAPHY: PARENTS & SPECTATORS TO NOTE – No photography of any kind allowed unless they have checked in at the Match Office and given a photography lanyard (this includes using mobile phones, ipads, videos etc). There are teams that do not wish to have photos taken and this must be checked with the match office by anyone wishing to take photos. Please refer to JNA’s Policies & Procedures and the JNA Communications Policy on our website. Team Managers should advise all player’s parents and spectators.


MATCH OFFICE VERANDAH: SPECTATORS TO NOTENO STANDING on the match office verandah. This is not a viewing area and must be kept clear at all times. This is a safety concern as we need access at all times to the first aid room for wheelchairs etc. If it’s raining bring a raincoat. The JNA Conveners have been spoken back to rudely, or ignored, when asking people to move on. There will be one warning only to the spectator and if they refuse an on the spot fine will be issued and the spectator’s club/team will be contacted.


5th May 2016:

ALL Spectators are to watch games from the designated areas for each court. No spectators allowed behind goal lines of courts 1, 3, 4, 9, 11 & 12 and also not allowed on the eastern end of courts 4, 5 &12. Spectators for court 7 must remain in the marked area beside the court. Spectators on courts 1, 8 & 9 must remain behind the yellow lines and on the grassed area only.

Spectators are asked not to walk across any courts, or on the hard surface of courts along goal lines, when leaving the courts (walk on grassed areas around perimeter). Games may be in progress and umpires are not to be obstructed from running around the courts.

NOTE: Spectators and children are not to use any empty courts during Saturdays or Monday nights. The empty courts may be used by teams only to warm up as long as there are no balls used as they may interfere with the games on the other courts.


Reminder that all Managers should be checking the scorecards (whether their team is scoring or timing) before the scorecards are handed in. Please also remind scorers and timekeepers of their duties. These were all covered in the recent information evenings. Below are some issues that arose from the first week of fixtures:-

            Note: Do not cross out names on the front of the pre printed scorecard. If a player is not playing in the game on that day then just put a line through the playing positions, not the name. If a player is no longer in the team and permanently withdrawn then it  is the clubs responsibility to complete the amendment forms and send to the JNA Head office.

Fines will apply for scorecard errors after the first 2 rounds of fixtures.

JNA Message:

Over the next few weeks Joondalup Netball Association will be awarding JNA drink bottles during the day on Saturdays and evenings on Mondays.
The award is called the “JNA Spirit Award” and along with a bottle the recipient will receive a raffle ticket which will then entitle them to be in the draw for some great prizes like netballs, netball shoes, Gilbert towels etc. and which are being kindly donated by Blitz Sportsgoods.
This agreed initiative (with JNA & Blitz Sportsgoods) allows recipients to receive a small token of appreciation for their displays of Fair Play, Sportsmanship and respectful attributes. A JNA official (it could be a JNA Convener, Committee member or an Umpire) will identify someone (could be a player, club coach/official or spectator) that has displayed any or all of these attributes.
Blitz Sportsgoods will be holding a market on Saturday 25th June (TBC) and the raffle will be drawn then.
Let’s work together for this great game of netball.
Good luck for the season ahead.

2016 Junior Warrior Trial Form (2) Junior Warriors and DADRA Trial information

2016 Junior Warrior Trial Form (2)

2016 DADRA Trial Form

JNA Calendar of Events 2016 

CNC (INC) wishes all it’s members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2016.

16/12/2015  JNA Message:

The JNA office is now closed and we will reopen on Tuesday 12th January 2016. Refer to JNA website for any updates.
We would like to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.
Looking forward to seeing you all back in 2016.



CNC AGM 16th September 2015 at ASCRA Clubrooms, Arena Joondalup 7pm

CNC (Inc) is now seeking interested people to fill the positions on the committee. We would like to encourage a diverse range of people to apply so that we can ensure a range of skills and experience on the committee running our club.

At the AGM all current committee members will step down and all positions will be declared vacant. Whilst current committee are able to once again nominate for a position, we would strongly like to encourage other people to also come forward, so please consider doing so.

Committee Nomination Form 2016 (.doc)


We thank you for considering this opportunity to volunteer for our club!


2015 WCNR Academy Trial Forms and Junior Warriors Programme Trial Forms


Hi CNC Family,
Club Training begins Thursday 26th March 2015. Your team will receive an email from your coach in regards to training times ASAP.
Your team will receive an email from your coach in regards to training times ASAP.

Many thanks,

CNC Committee


Congratulations to the following CNC Athletes for making the 2015 JNA STSAC squads.

U12s: Hannah O’Donnell, Madeleine Ash, Kerstin Brandsch, Natasha Amy

U13s Daney Bezuidenhout, Brooke Dennis, Bianca Shepherd, Kayla Weinthal, Monisha Arora

U14s: Kayla Walker

U17s: Holly Hunter, Olivia Holt, Chelsea-Rose Knott, Simone Brandsch, Tercia Deverneuil

Opens: Amber Ritchie, Brittany Hunter, Olivia Hunter, Kelsey Harris, Nicola Sing, Sasha Sing


CNC Team grading is now finalised for U17s.

Teams tagged with * may change. Teams will match play at training to determine final team list.

(Teams are finalised by taking into account player’s scores from both their preferred positions)










CNC U12s

Thank you for registering with CNC (INC) this season.

Please note: The first grading date has changed. ALL U12’s will take to court for their first grading session on Monday 23rd February. 2nd date TBA tomorrow.

Any questions, please contact our Development Officer Michelle Smith on 0409 884 470.